When this 1969 Camaro first pulled up to the shop, it looked great. Of course that was from 20 feet away. After a closer inspection we noticed that every panel had at least 1 small but noticeable blemish. The lead-lines were cracking. The front clip was hung very poorly. This caused numerous small chips to occur on the fenders and leading edges of both doors. The door gaps were slightly flawed from  mistakes made when new quarter panels were installed at some point in its life. After reassembling the sheet metal to improve the gaps, and fixing the other flaws, it was shot in the darkest metallic blue we could find. Next came the re-assembly, hide away headlights and some silver stripes to set it off.
This car was a joy to do. The owner had a really cool idea of how todo a 67 camaro in a traditional style while making it totally unique. We did a few custom things like grafting a 69 valence into the front to install fog lights. We also altered the traditional stripes just enough to change it up. Even the paint got a little upgrade with a candy 3 stage red, and bright white, with small gold flake. The engine compartment has a custom smoothed firewall, and black, flaked wheelwells. This car is amazing in person.